Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Am leaving...

this journal for some reason..Am going back to my braveblog once again!. I made an update there' so if you are interested just jumped up there in this link.

Bye blogspot!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


....I AM NOW AN AMERICAN' CITIZEN!!! Am proud to be one' and so happy' finally, am done now with Immigration. I won`t deal any paper works anymore..yeheyy!..Ya, I took my Oath Taking this morning! My schedule time was 8 AM, yeah' so early, so we leave the house around 6 AM to be able to get there early as possible and avoid the traffic. We got there around 7 oclock +, the time we wanted. The sucurity guard opens the door at 8 AM but since we have kids' he let us in and got to sit in the bench inside while others people that has no kids have to stay outside and fall in line. I was sorry looking at them while we were sitting inside. I told my husband it`s good though that the guard let us in..good thought and I appreciate it. It could have been better if they let the rest of the people in ( few filipinos' came almost the same time we came) but it`s their rules and it wasn`t time yet, so I understand.. .So, `twas good thing we brought our kids with us hehheh! I could have been standing for a quite time and fall inline outside wahhh! surely was tiring! But, wasn`t that very long, at 8 AM doors were open..And wow! at this time, I was just visiting the bathroom pretty quick and then when I came out was surprised people are flooding already!..Surely, lots of people taking an Oath and also including the family and friends. Well, the Oath Ceremony wasn`t that long! it was good! But, my husband wasn`t able to take any picture of me during the Oath coz you know' he`s dealing 2 boys and not just that..Allen was making some fuss so my husband didn`t stay at the ceremony coz he has to go out. But before the ceremony my hubby took picture of me with the certificate and the U. S flag and I`ll see if it was good enough, was dark inside. After the ceremony inside , someone was good enough to take a picture of me, he saw that I took my picture myself then he said he can take pic of me so he did, thanks for him. When I came out from the theatre, I asked my husband to take me a picture again so I`ll see..There will be pictures to share below..To make the story short,. that was it! And, on our way home, kids fell asleep and I have helped my hubby driving a little bit coz he has no sleep yet when he got home from work early this morning at 3 oclock..can you imagine that! poor hubby! I was sorry for him. So, now, he is in good sleep..and kids are up now. Later, we plan to celebrate my special day. Might have dinner out..maybe in our favorite Asia Buffet. We are so happy, it`s finally done. My husband also congratulate me of course!. Also, you know, at the ceremony, we`ve got to watched President`s Bush' video message for us. He did congratulate us too, of course'. It was a good message from the President!......

Oh, finally, I can finish this post now coz earlier I had to stop coz we went out to eat..had dinner in our favorite Asia buffet. Just celebrate a simple one for my special day! I am now American but still filipino at heart and mind. But proud to be one! Well, I shouldn`t make this post even more long..here`s our pics at my ceremony..I took pictures and took since we were waiting the ceremony to start..not much to do..Hope you enjoy your viewing!

Enjoy viewing!
And our dinner photos below. We had great dinner..and my boys enjoyed the food too! they both eat good..and their favorite dessert is ice cream..surely, they enjoyed it too..It was good seeing them enjoying the ice cream..it`s their favorite now..heheh..

Hope you had fun viewing!

To let you know, my next step to do is to apply my U. S passport....
Then, I need to apply a Dual Citizen..so that I`ll be a Filipino Citizen again..it`s necessary for us..We`ll do it as soon as possible..at the same time we`re getting the boys a Phil. passport too..they`re already Dual Citizen! We`re going to the Phil. Embassy in Washington as soon as the paper works are ready. For now, am ordering my birth certificate yet online at Census site coz authenticated birth certificate is one of their requirements. I just done ordering it earlier..Hope it will be arrive the time it should be.

And, our serious project now is to move to our next house next door so that we can sell the house we are now living in. But, before that' there are lots of things needs to be done first. We need to do some repair to that house to live. So, our life should be pretty busy now these days. Am looking forward to go home this year, hopefully! So we need to keep up!..Ok, guys, this is all for now..sensya na taas kaau akong post..take care everyone and thanks to all girls who left comments here..always appreciated! God bless us all and God bless America!

Have a goodnight everyone!!!
Well, today is Wednesday and I decided to just add my tag here from Jenny. Actually, Jona has tagged me the same thing also..So, girls, Thanks for tagging me..I appreciate it.

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1.) I don`t cook always..only when am in the mood. When am lazy to cook, I just asked hubby to order food at Chinese Resto. Since the boys loves to eat the food from the resto anyway..

2.) When I don`t get any call from my close friends, I feel they`re forgetting me heheh.

3.) I am so dependent with my husband...specially driving in downtown. That was why everytime I got an Immigration appointment, he always drive for me and didn`t get any sleep at all. Til we got back home he`d catch up his sleep. I always feel him sorry but he is just understanding husband. But, there is no Immigration appointment anymore'..good for us!

4.) I feel so contended and happy when I talked my family back home for a long time..the longer I talked to them is like 1 to 2 hrs. As long as I still have load in my long distance service, it`s ok'. And the hardest word to say is goodbye...

5.) I am jealous person' but in the right way.

6.) When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher!. But when I went to college I took up Associate of Computer Technology. How come? One of the reasons: my sister kept advicing me that computer course is good for me. Since it was a demand course and I can get job easily. Unlike the teacher that you have to wait when there is available so you can teach. And, we heard that there are some teachers who passed the board but they are just working in the department store. So I have chosen studying computer course but not able to finished it, only one year and half because I got married with my husband...But no regret at all. Now, I have two tropies! heheh I can still finish studies whenever I want to... that`s my husband always telling me too..when we move in pinas! But I don`t know yet...We`ll see!

7.) When we go to a buffet, I always let hubby eat my left over food in the plate. I just get full very quick! My eyes is bigger than my stomach heheh..Thought I can finish it all but I can`t. And my husband do not want to waste food so he`d eat it as long as he is able to do so...poor hubby!>

Monday, April 30, 2007

shopping online..

Lately, we`ve been pretty busy!..seemed we couldn`t get a time to go to the store to buy a new camera and it`s time to replace my old one'. So what I did, I was checking online in Best Buy site and Wal-mart site too. In Best Buy, I have liked this kind of camera! But, I then thought if it`s the right time for me to buy it' and do I really need it?! Well, I realized that it`s ok with me for now that I couldn`t have that kind of camera yet. Maybe I`ll wait in my 3rd time to buy that kinda expensive camera. So, I have switched to the Wal-mart site and I have attracted with this nice one Canon, 8 MP, that you can flip the screen..I mean you can pull it out and place the screen the way you like it. I`ll show you the pics below. I love it though! and my husband just depend on me what I would like so then I ordered it online and after 3 days we received it since we expedite the shipping fees. Then, when I saw the camera I felt a little discouraged of the front view of it..I knew I saw it online but I just didn`t realize it..I wanted a flat camera. But the LCD screen' no doubt I love it! And that camera has some weight. When hubby came home, I told him I got the package and he then noticed my face didn`t looked that pleased heheh! He said, Why you don`t look please? heheh. So, I told him, I felt a little discouraged too see the front view of the camera..then he told me, the looks is not that important, it`s the pictures it takes..then I replied, ya, I knew! So, I begun to accepted it the way it is since we already bought it. It wasn`t really a big deal, as long as I love the way the screen is..But, later, when we tried to connect the camera to the computer to upload the pics' it didn`t work. I even talked to the Canon technical support and they couldn`t figure out why it wasn`t working..How come?? I had even uninstall our printer coz they told me maybe it was the problem but it was not! So after that, that we couldn`t fixed it.. we didn`t wait long. My husband just told me to return it to Walmart store and we did...to make story short..we`ve returned it.. I guess, it wasn`t for me..I miss it though'. I love the screen a lot. Here`s the pics below.!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I begun to love that camera but it was ok, Because I got this new replacement..A Sony brand! and I loved it' it`s cute and light. It`s flat camera! this is I wanted. As usual, I called the technical support coz it won`t work right away when we connect the camera to the computer to upload the testing pics we took. I called twice and this second person was pretty good. He helped me fixed..Just told me to do that and do this..I have set something in the camera and was told to connect the USB cable to the other USB port..was in the back of the CPU! and finally! it worked..made me happy! Gosh! my hubby just let me do the phone calls..He wants me to learn to do things of my own and talked to other people..so I learned! not bad. Well, I`ll show you my new camera below!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well, that`s my new cam! I love it! Thanks to hubby! only 7.2 MP but it`s Ok.

And am going to end this post now coz I need to prepare things for tomorrow. We need to go to bed early..Have a good night everyone and God bless!

Tag by Nita!

Thanks Nitz for tagging me, I appreciate it! But sorry for my late answer...

A-Available/Single? None of them..(am married with 2 lover sons)
B- Bestfriend? My husband and Susan
C- Cake or pie? Cake
D- Drink? sprite (,water and fruit juice)
E-Essential? TV ( I always watch my TFC ( The Filipino Channel) am teleserye addict' hehehh!
F- Favorite color? pink of course!
G- Gummy bears or worm? worm' candy huh not earth worm heheh!
H- Hometown? Tudela
I-Indulgence? shopping but now am limitting it..
J-January or February? february
K-Kids and their names? 2 boys: Kyle is 3 and Allen is 2 pretty soon!
L-Life is incomplete without? Family and God
M-Marriage date? November 9, 2002
N-Number of siblings? 6, am the 7th child since our eldest are twins!
O-Oranges or apples? oranges the most
P-Phobias? afraid of tornado who wouldn`t be?
Q-Favorite Quote? "The only way to have a friend is to be one"
R-Reason to smile? my family and friends
S-Season? Summer, I hate spring now the fact that I always get some kind of allergy.
T-Tag 5 people? let me see..Dauph, Honey, Cleo, Jona, Lutchi: up to you guys if you can do it..no pressure heheh...
U-unknown fact about me? I am mean woman' if somebody tresspassed on me heheh
V-Vegetable you don`t like? I don`t really like "ampalaya" I know it`s good for health but it taste better to me' . I just eat a little bit...
W-Worst Habbit? waking up late in the morning..I think that it is; My husband and the kids woke up ealier than me..am I bad? .. I let my husband watched them.. poor hubby!
X-X-rays you`ve had? chest during my Medical at Manila
Y-Your favorite food? pancit my specialty....
Z-Zodiac sign? Libra

That`s all! I will have new post soon...


Lately, I have received 2 emails from paypal scammers! "The first one was saying I have successfully openned an accout at paypal" and got me surprised!" How come?? I never open any! There was time I thought opening one when I felt exciting to join those blogsvertise thingy! But, fortunately, it didn`t happen because my husband didn`t really want me to do so for some reasons, . So I didn`t joined. I was just being curious' about that thing! and thought' I can earn some few dollars of my own. But I guess' it wont happen, but it`s ok! I just wish you all luck to all my friends who did it. I guess that thing' isn`t for me, it`s for you all! Good Luck to you all! hope everything will be good. Ok, back to the scam: When I got the email, I right away shared it to hubby and he said that might be a scam then I replied, probably coz I never open an accout! Then, few weeks after, it was last week, "I got this second email and saying that I have added new email address in my account!" my reaction again was how did it happen?? I was surprised again! Then, I shared to my hubby again, then, he searched in google right away about paypal email scams and we found out that there is that kind of scams. Wow', that email scam is really looking true. It`s well done! So sorry to the people who believed it and gave their personal info to the scammers.,.Good thing I didn`t click any link. Who knows what is in there too. My husband also noticed that the email they`re using is different...

So, to all of you out there that has paypal account please Beware! I`ll show you the fake email I got below.

You have added jhonnyk33@hotmail.com
as a new e-mail address for your PayPal account.

If you did not authorize this change or if you need assistance with your account, please click here
to contact PayPal customer service.
Thank you for using PayPalThe PayPal Team

Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannotbe answered. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and choosethe "Help" link in the header of any page.

That`s the email I got..really looks true but IT IS NOT!!!

Here`s link I found that lots of people were sharing their experiences! Please read them if you have time. You will know then.
Here it is.

I hope this will help to all people out there ' to avoid this kind of scam!!! Thought, it`s good to share this...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

one funny night!

I was in the kitchen doing some dishes til I heard Kyle making some noise..So, I turn my head, then, I saw what he and Allen doing!' it was funny! Kyle did let Allen stepped his back and climb just to reach the counter. It was like' Allen used Kyle as a ladder hahah! coz my boys they always finds ways that they can grabbed somethings from the counter. At this time, they got new way! Oh' gosh' it really made me laugh that night! I coudn`t think where they got that idea. But, then, I remember, maybe in the movie Rugrats though since they like to watch it . So, when they were doing it all over again, what I did right away was grabbed the camera to save those photos for their daddy. When hubby came home', I told him about what happen and show the pics and made him laugh too. He even said, it was good to take video too..but actually I did, but my camera depleted so fast so only a short one clip. I hate my camera..been hate it..it depleted so fast even the batteries are just charged gosh! But, I have fixed it already...Well, here are the pictures below! Enjoy viewing!!!

Girls, thanks for your previous comments' I appreciate it always...always love to read your comments...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Have a good night everyone!

Monday, April 23, 2007

weekends recap !?

First of all, THANKS pala to Jenny for the tagged I made on my last post! I appreciate it. I think you won`t tag me anymore Jen’ coz I always do it late’..sorry..heheh

Well, now, I can start to recall those weekends that has passed.

April 14th, was my friend`s Lyn birthday party’ hosted by my best friend at their house! It was fun! Surely, the celebrant had a blast! and so everybody. I thought, I won`t share any pics but I guess’ I will. As always, we had lots of food’ but I didn`t get a time to take any shots so no pics of foods just people. Well, here`s below! Made a slideshow for faster sharing!
Enjoy viewing!
April 15th, I became a Godmother to a baby girl named Gabby. Am proud to be one of her Godmother. As I said in my last post, for me, being Godmother is another blessing.

Mommy Nenang and cutie Gabby!
Last Friday, I finally received a letter from USCIS, for my Oath Taking Schedule! I was waiting for it like forever heheh!. My husband was the one who checked the mails that day. And when he got in the house, he didn`t say anything. He brought couples of mails and so I peeked into the mails while he was holding them and then I saw it in the top’, my husband did it in purpose. He rearranged them when he got it from the mailbox. Wow, it made my day! Finally, my waiting has ended. So excited for my Oath Ceremony soon!
Last Saturday, we had company! My husband`s friend at work came over with his family. They got two pretty girls, and good timing’ the grandkids were here too’ so they played everywhere. They played in the computers’ so there was no way I can use any pc at all. Also, they played in the yard too’ so it was fun Saturday. We all had fun! Meeting new nice people is nice! We got along pretty good. It was the most important. The wife named Tina, she even teached me driving stick shift' in our neighborhood, using our car. My husband was the first teaching me stick shift and she was the second one. She was good. I learned some from her and excited to practice more on to driving stick shift. I want and need to learn it! Well, got photos to share! and please don`t mind our yard again..were stuffs around..needs some cleaning too...

Enjoy viewing! didn`t put any captions...pics tell everything...
Oh, yeah! 2 Phil. teleseryes has ended last week. The Sana Maulit Muli and the Palimos ng Pag-ibig. I thought the last episode of Sana Maulit Muli is sadly but I was wrong. Traves and Jasmine were together again after all. And thought Palimos ng Pag-ibig is a long soap opera but it wasn`t..was ended fast. But, this week, there are two new teleseryes would start showing..they are the replacement! One is in title of Hiram ng Mukha, starring by Heart Evangelista w/ TJ trinidad and Geoff Eigenmann and other staff and the second one is Walang Kapalit, starring by Caludine Barretto and Piolo Pascual and other staff. Wow! it`s exciting!. More teleseryes for me to be hooked. Also, the epic serye Rounin has started showing last week. It`s an action show! It`s also nice one!
Oh! we replaced our first deep fryer' coz it quit working! But it`s the same brand though. We can`t stay if we won`t buy another one coz my boys really loves french fries. It`s their favorite food in the world! heheh, ya it is! It`s cheaper this way than buy fries in the burger place everytime they want to eat, so. Well, as u can see above' I took shots while they were enjoying eating the fresh cooked fries. So happy to see them happy eating!

Okies guys, that`s all about for now...more on my next post..whenever will be..heheh..Thanks ladies for the comments on my previous post..always grateful having them. Take care all and Happy new week!

Oh! I have added my family scraps below!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

That`s my parents above! I made a simple scrap for them. They got married twice' in the cevil and thats' in Catholic Church. A simple wedding! I remember, 4 of us, the daughters were the bridesmaids..one sister wasn`t born yet so. But, I don`t remember what year was that hehhe, have to ask my parents yet...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

That`s my sister Juby with her kiddos! She is the eldest of our family and has twin sister..a simple scrap for them..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My nephews! ( Juby`s sons' ) named Joshua and Nino..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and that`s Ashley! the only girl in their family! so lucky to have one'..hope I can have one too someday...

I miss my family very much! so excited to go home!

more pics of my family or scraps later...